1.CineMart: A Select Market

When? From 01/29 to 02/01

Where ? Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Description: On the sidelines of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), CineMart is the meeting place for co-producers around the world. Each year, 25 feature film projects – often independent or art-house films – are selected from a multitude of submissions. The selected producers are then invited to CineMart, where they can foster links with potential investors or co-producers and thus see their projects come to life.

Watch out, it’s a select market! CineMart scrupulously chooses from the list of delegates (co-producers, sales agents, distributors, television networks) who wish to participate. This list is revised each year.

The Cherry On Top: The Rotterdam Lab

Every year, 60 producers are chosen from over 24 different countries to participate in the Rotterdam Lab. At the workshop, the selected applicants receive advice on how to develop their network and can take part in masterclasses focused on finance, sales and distribution.

Website: https://iffr.com/en/professionals/iffr-industry/cinemart


2.Berlinale Co-production Market: European Market

When? From 02/12 to 02/15

Where? Berlin, Germany

Description: This event for European film producers, in its 14th edition, is not to be missed. 35 feature films are selected every year during the month of October. The successful applicants are then invited to the co-production market to present their film to co-producers, financiers, and distributors seeking partners.

The Cherry On Top: Countries in Focus

During this conference, experts share their experiences on the film production and co-production markets in their countries.

Website: www.berlinale.de/en/branche/berlinale_co-production_market/index.html  


3.Marché du Film, Cannes: The One and Only

When? From 05/17 to 05/26

Where? Cannes, France

Description: Conferences, networking and, of course, the red carpet stairs: the Festival de Cannes presents the largest film market in the world.

The Cherry On Top: Producers Workshop & Producers Network

For producers making their debut on the international scene, the Marché offers a Workshop covering many different topics, such as: international co-production or the art of making a pitch. The Producers Network allows producers to broaden their network and meet with funding representatives over the course of a series of seven breakfast meetings and happy hours.

Website: http://www.marchedufilm.com/en


4.Frontières: For the Love of Genre Film

When? From 07/20 to 07/23

Where? Montréal, Canada

Description: Focusing on genre film, Frontières (which runs at the same time as the Fantasia Film Festival) allows established North American producers and their European colleagues to meet and network in view of future collaborations.

The Cherry On Top: The first edition of the Frontières Finance & Packaging Forum will take place in 2017. Specifically created for projects at the packaging stage, this event aims to facilitate contact between project leaders and experts in financing, marketing and distribution.

Website: www.frontieresmarket.com


5.San Sebastian Film Festival: Industry Club and Latin America

When? From 09/22 to 09/30

Where? San Sebastian, Spain

Description: Created with professionals from the cinematographic industry in mind, the Industry Club is a space invented to facilitate meetings between potential collaborators and to seal contracts.

The Cherry On Top: Latin America is at the forefront during two key events: Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum (which fosters collaborations between professionals from the two continents) and Films in Progress (a kind of professional matchmaking where Latin-American projects seeking funding can meet potential investors).

Website: www.sansebastianfestival.com/2016/the_industry_club/koprodukzio_foroa/1/5683/in


6.American Film Market: The Giant

When? From 11/01 to 11/08

Where? Santa Monica, United States

Description: With an average of 8,000 industry professionals present at each edition and its billions of deals sealed in just 8 days, the American Film Market is the largest of its kind. Here the futures of some hundreds of films, whether they are in development or at the production stage, are at stake.

The Cherry On Top:  The conferences mix a wide variety of subjects (from the film market in China to subsidies, covering production or distribution).

Site : www.americanfilmmarket.com


7.Crossroads Co-production Forum: The East in action

When? To be determined, some time in November

Where? Thessaloniki, Greece

Description: Organized by the Thessaloniki International Film Festival,the Crossroads Co-Production Forum allows producers from the Mediterranean and Balkan regions to be put in touch with financiers and producers from around the world to carry out their projects.

The Cherry On Top: And the winner is... Each year a jury of professionals get together to judge the selected projects. The laureates receive prizes, including: 10,000 euro from the CNC.

Website: www.filmfestival.gr/default.aspx?lang=en-us&page=645


8.Franco-German Film Meetings: Das Meeting

When? As of now, unknown

Where? Germany or France

Description: Jointly organized by Unifrance and German Films, the event aims to facilitate introductions between French and German producers over the course of two days punctuated by debates and culminating in the Co-Production Market.

Website: www.das-rendez-vous.org/fr/