From pitch to screen, together finding and developing better stories.

Is this movie bankable? Is this script worth optioning? Why is my writer facing writers' block? If you are a producer and these questions sound familiar, you've found the right place.

I'm Estelle, a professional story editor and my goal is to help you choose and develop better scripts. Here's how I can help you:

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Script Reports

I read and analyze all film projects sent to you on a daily basis or developed by your writers. And you choose the report length: 3 pages for a rapid analysis to determine if the project is optionable, or a dozen or so pages for a more detailed report, exploring possible avenues of development.

Bonus: When you purchase 3 "quick" script reports, the third is 15% off.

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Writer Support

From pitch to commissions applications, I help your writers at every stage and iteration of the screenwriting process. I’m also adaptable to your preferred work methods: text analysis with written summaries, one-on-one conversations, e-mail exchanges, etc. - you decide!

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I employ a dedicated team of professional proofreaders to read all your work (from synopses, to scripts, to applications) so you make the best impression on fellow producers and funding schemes.

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In French & English

Interested in other regions? All these services are also available in French! 

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Ask a quote

To learn more about my services and see how we can work together, ask for a quote.